Cannot log in from home domain

for the past several days, i am unable to access freedombox through my home network domain. instead, i can only access it through the domain, using the same user and password. also, i get a captcha box and fill it out correctly to no avail. no captcha box is needed when i login through

is this an issue with the firefox security settings for my home domain? if so, what is the solution?

ssh works fine from the home domain.

Ive also had similar issues accessing from the local network. Figured I just wasnt configuring something correctly, possibly the mdns for windows? But even the samba share isnt visible :thinking:

I found out that there was a setting on the router so that the WiFi was isolated from Ethernet. I could connect when connected via Ethernet but not WiFi. All sorted now :smiley:


@tortuga’s problem sounds a bit different being unable to login after the login page comes up. The captcha comes up when several incorrect attempts are made to login and will not go away for that IP address until a successful login is done. So, that explains the behavior of captcha.

The real problem is not being able to login. One guess is that there are multiple FreedomBoxes at your home. The .local domains works by mdns protocol which does a broadcast and then the first respondor is picked up. If there are two FreedomBoxes then any of them could respond first. If this is the case, you could try changing the “hostname” for one of them to something different from ‘freedombox’. Then the local address becomes ‘something-new.local’.

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Thank you kindly Sunil,

I have attempted to login with the correct password, but the captcha continues to be displayed and I cannot login (from any computer in my home network).

I can log in fine from the domain using the same uname-password.


@tortuga, do you have a second FreedomBox from your experiments also connected to the network?


I only have 1 box (Olimex).