XMPP Audio / Video calls cant get through to external network


First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who’s had involvement in the development of Freedombox. Hosting my own server was an interest I had for a very long time, but just couldn’t find the courage to get my hands dirty. Thanks to Freedombox, I have managed to get working almost everything I’ve needed.

Before my request for help, a little insight on my existing setup;

  • I’m on a Raspberry Pi Model B with 8GB of Ram.
  • I’ve installed Freedombox on a 1TB USB 3.0 Western Digital SSD hard drive. I’m not using an SD card to boot; but managed to get everything running off the SSD. I used the “booting from usb” technique described in FreedomBox/Hardware/RaspberryPi4B - Debian Wiki
  • I downloaded and installed the stable version of Freedom box from freedombox.org for the Raspberry Pi 4 model B. My software is up-to-date. I am currently running FreedomBox version 22.22.1.
  • I have Freedombox backports enabled.
  • My Pi is behind an Asus modem/router and is connected through the Ethernet port.
  • I’ve configured my network settings so both wired (eth0) and wireless (wlan0) connections are “internal” and I have no connections defined for “external.”
  • I have forwarded all necessary ports on my router as described by and for Freedom Box and its applications.
  • I have a static IP, where I have a working DNS A record to point to my router.
  • I have bind active and running with no problems.
  • LetsEncrypt has successfully (and automatically) obtained the certificates for my domain.
  • Currently I have running on my box coturn, ejabbard, minidlna, radicale, samba, shaarli, syncthing, tt-rss, transmission and hugo. Only hugo, I have installed through CLI, the remaining I have installed (and am using) through Plinth.
  • I can access my website, calendars and can manage to ssh and reach all my folders and files from the external network (WAN) with no problem.
  • All my diagnostic tests are “green and passing” with no problem.

I am having problem setting up audio and video calls for XMPP.

  • I have setup Conversations on an Android device and Dino on my local pc.
  • For each of the clients, I have created a different user on my Freedombox.
  • I can send / receive messages and files both when my Android device is connected to the GSM network and my local PC is on the local network (same as my pi box) and when both clients are on the local network.
  • I can make audio and video phone calls when both clients are in the local network.

To get to my question and assistance for help;

  • Whenever my Android phone is connected to the GSM network (and my pc is on my local network with my freedombox), XMPP messaging keeps working but audio and video calls just don’t get connected. I either get an “App Failure” or a “Could not connect call” error from the clients.

(I also have an account on conversations.im, and have checked that there is no problem with my clients and that audio and video work when on different server)

I have done a good deal of search on the web, but couldn’t find a solution to get things working. Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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