Unable to Import pictures in Zoph

After successfully uploading the first pictures yesterday and creating categories, albums and people, I wanted to continue my work today. But I can’t import images anymore. Otherwise, Zoph works as expected

Problem Description
The Import page don’t show the uploaded pictures

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to Zoph
  2. Go to Import page
  3. Choose a file and then click to import
  4. the file is uploaded to /var/lib/zoph/upload/ but don’t appears on the Import page

Expected Results
yesterday i could see all uploaded files

Actual results
In the apache2 error.log are a lot of messages like:

[Sun Oct 31 14:04:45.724711 2021] [php7:error] [pid 4729] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Failed in /usr/share/zoph/www/php/classes/xmp/reader.inc.php:139\nStack

from ~/zoph/import.php

I don’t see any connection to the last Freedombox update. I restored the last backup of Zoph but the error persists

Any help is welcome


  • Debian GNU/Linux 11: (bullseye) and FreedomBox Version 21.12.
  • Hardware: AMD 64
    Installed Freedombox on a fresh Debian 11

This is probably a specific JPG file which zoph can not import, but will be stuck in /var/lib/zoph/upload and zoph will not be able to move it to the correct destination. Probably zoph issue 163

As a workaround, please try removing the problem file from the upload directory and you should be able to import and upload other files. The issue is fixed in Debian package zoph-0.9.17-2. which I don’t think is in Freedombox yet.

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Thank you very much johnlines, that was the solution. It was a photo that I had converted from png to jpg with an image viewer. Something must have gone wrong. From now on, I will select the images with more care before uploading them. I like Zoph very much and I want to build up a collection of pictures for the whole family…

Hello I’m a newbie and no experience I have 2 issues:

  1. The uploaded file is larger than upload_max_filesize (2M) in php.ini. [tr] This may also be caused by the post_max_size (8M) in php.ini.

  2. Copy pictures to cd /var/lib/zoph/upload acces denied

can anyone help put me in the right direction to copy a whole bunch of pictures to zoph please ?
kind regards

self … 2.
with root acces it was possible copied some pictures to the upload map.
But every picture has a red cross and nothing happens.
I can not select them for import.

any idea please ?

Hello eboelens,
maybe this link can help you: docs/IMPORT-CLI.md · master · Jeroen Roos / zoph · GitLab

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