Wordpress seems a bit premature

I really like the idea of running a personal blog off of my home server and the installation was painless and easy.

The big issue I’m running into is that I cannot easily update or install plugins to my wordpress installation. This is already a documented issue (wordpress: Add installing/upgrading themes and plugins from wordpress (#2116) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab)

It seems risky to run an unupdated wordpress server on the home network especially since plugins and themes are the common attack vectors with WP sites. I’m not sure I understand why it was added this early without that stuff figured out.

Other than that I’m very pleased the functionality of the server and think it is a very important idea you are pursuing.

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I had also set up Wordpress and was very happy with my blog but due to an Internet service provider change and typical newbie errors (I’m sure one of the oldest newbies ever) I could not log in to the WP- admin page anymore. I use Ikiwiki again instead, because I understand it better and can administer it. It is also easy to restore from a backup. I really like the Freedombox and am very grateful for the wonderful work of the developers! If the Freedombox is intended for people like me, not only for software experts, the apps and their integration must react leniently to incorrect use and be secure. Speaking of criticism, I’ve spent many hours setting up a Zoph photo archive. Unfortunately, I always encounter problems at some point and wait until the next reinstallation of my Freedombox to start over.
But I don’t want to be unfair, every user has to decide for himself which apps he can master and which are too demanding for his level of knowledge. I don’t want to experience a life without a freedombox. I’m learning a lot here, thank you all, also everyone here in the forum! I have already tried other home server platforms and was always happy when I could come back in the strong Debian community, which certainly supports me in my experiments.


The problem with Zoph is solved and I am now working very intensively and with fun on my new photo archive thanks to the friendly help of johnlines


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