[Solved] Problems configuring DMS

I have problems to get DMS working. I did the following:

I registered with GnuDIP. I used fredombox.rocks with the user fbwr. So the url should be fbwr.freedombox.rocks.

I switched to my olimex-freedombox and enabled DNS. Then I filled out form:

Typ of service: GnuDIP
GnuDIP Server-Adress: gnudip.datasystems24.net
Domain-Name: fbwr.freedombox.rocks
User-Name: fbwr
URL for fechting th public IP-Adress: http://myip.datasystems24.de

Then I saved the configuration.

In Status the NAT Typ says: Behind a NAT.

I tried to reach my freedombox with fbwr.freedombox.rocks, but it did not work.

Any ideas? Maybe I have to enable port-forwarding. In the local network I reach my freedombox without problems.

Could you please check that the IP address has been updated properly? You can run dig fbwr.freedombox.rocks on any machine to see the IP address assigned to that domain. Then you can run curl ipinfo.io to retrieve the IP address that has been assigned to you by your ISP. They should both match.

If your ISP gives you a public IP address, then you need to ensure that your home router forwards incoming traffic to FreedomBox. This is typically done by logging into the router, and configuring DMZ ip address as FreedomBox IP address (after making a reservation for that IP address).

If your ISP doesn’t give you a public IP address, you can’t use Dynamic DNS. You need to use one of workaround techniques such as Pagekite or Tor hidden service to reach your FreedomBox from outside.

Could you please confirm with your ISP (or by searching online) which is the case?

Also what is DMS? :slight_smile:

Maybe the reason, why it is not working? Thank you very much for your answer. I will try your recomendations.

Turn on TCP port forwarding for port 80 and 443 on your router.

And while you’re logged into your router, get your router’s current IP address.

Here’s what I’d try, after turning on the port forwarding, try directly to get through to your FreedomBox with the router IP to make sure it is forwarding.

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Thank you. I will try it when I am at home again.

I have tried this and the addresses both match. But I did not succeed in reaching my freedombox, as you can read in my answer to bebop.

I have tried port forwarding for both ports. Are there special ports, I have to forward them? I have found the ip-address of my router, but I do not know, how I can directly go to my freedombox.

Hi wromey, I can confirm that, indeed, I cannot reach you at https://fbwr.freedombox.rocks/. Bummer.

If you are doing all of your testing at home on your LAN, you may get different results if you try to hit your public IP address away from home. At least I have found this.

Another way to test: Install Tor browser, get it up and running, and then enter your current IP address (e.g. or whatever) into the Tor browser address field. The reason this might work is that you’ll be coming at your public IP via the Tor relay circuit even though you initiate the request from inside your home network.

Note 1: Since your public IP is probably being changed at will by your ISP, make sure to get its current value before testing.

Note 2: If you get stuck and need more time to get dynamic DNS working, you can also try pagekite as an alternative. Yet another alternative is to start up the Tor hidden service on FreedomBox and, temporarily, access your service via the onion address.

Thank you very much. By using tor, which I use for a long time, I have reached my freedombox, after i accepted a certificate which was not rustworthy.


If I try it with firefox I do not succeed.


Now I tried it with my smartphone (a fairphone) and with mobil data and voila, I reached my freedombox. I think the problem is solved. Key was, that I had to find a way, to reach the freedombox from outside my home nethwork.

Thank you all very much.



Since I was not able to get a response from https://fbwr.freedombox.rocks/, I wonder if it is working for you? If not, then check if your public IP address is getting updated in GnuDip.

If you do not find the correct IP, then you can manually update there based on what you’ve gotten from your router. It may take some minutes to propagate this new value, as I understand it, so you may have to wait a bit.

Also if you are friendly with Tor, then setting up the Tor hidden service on FreedomBox may still be a great way to go. It provides you an onion address independent of DNS.