[SOLVED] Fresh install with issues

I’ve been using Freedombox for years until a few days ago when the microSD broke on my Raspberry 3B. When installing it again as always done, the shared folders with Samba are inaccessible, and Minidlna does not find the path, although the service is working. anyone else has had this problem?

Transmission works well with shared folder…



Try accessing minidlna using local IP and port Also make sure that the network interface is configured as internal. Does the Samba app diagnostics pass without errors?

Hello @Paco

On MiniDLNA config page: Home > Apps > MiniDLNA
Have you configured the “Media Files Directory” for MiniDLNA to use Samba share:

Regards: peter

Thanks Peter!! solved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello @Paco

It would be handy if we had:

MiniDLNA media location - Drop down menu option

Give the post a like to remind, the developers there interest.

Regard: peter