[Solved] Don't want Plinth to come up by default

I’m setting up my domain for access to the Apache server on my FreedomBox. The issue I’m having is that when I go to “https://mydomain.xyz” it redirects to “https://mydomain.xyz/plinth”.

The mydomain.xyz.conf has “Use FreedomBoxTLSSiteMacro mydomain.xyz” which sets “DocumentRoot /var/www/html”. Therefore, I would assume that “https://mydomain.xyz” would display the “index.html” page, but as stated it brings up Plinth. (Going to “https://mydomain.xyz/index.html” does display “index.html”.)

What is causing the redirect, and how do I adjust it?

I tried adding “DirectoryIndex index.html index.php”, but that didn’t help.

There is also https://freedombox.local/plinth/sys/config/ to show the apache default webroot (or a specific app) instead of the freedombox login.


If you manually edit freedombox-apache-homepage.conf, it is okay. However, if you edit freedombox.conf, FreedomBox will no longer automatically upgrade to newer versions.

Thanks. This worked!