`/plinth` `/freedombox` or `/login` URL?

[Solved] Don't want Plinth to come up by default reminded me of the missing bit from issue/1315 and MR/1291, dropping the name /plinth.

[@njoseph] It will be nice to have an option to keep the FreedomBox web interface hidden from the outside world. Whether that’s the default option can be decided on a case by case basis. For example, Plinth might not come hidden by default on a cloud deployment, but on a ready-made FreedomBox homekit, Plinth might be hidden by default. Users should still be able to turn off access to Plinth from the outside world. In case of a cloud deployment, this would require the user to access Plinth via the OpenVPN server running on FreedomBox.

I guess it could make sense to just always use a generic /login URL path.

(The fredombox banner is shown on the page itself.)

With separate options for the freedombox pages:

  • enable / disable / hide behind password-protection (https basic-auth ->SSO)
  • reachability: global / local