[SOLVED] Adjusting E-Mail Message Size


If like me, you’ve set up FBX e-mail services (postfix, dovecot, rspamd), it might help to know that you can adjust your e-mail message size.

By default the default message size is 10 MB. Normally this is good but, once in a while you may need more. Here’s the command to adjust this limit to 50 MB.

sudo postconf -e message_size_limit=52428800 
sudo systemctl restart postfix

You can change the limit to your requirements (in bytes) with message_size_limit. If you define 0 it will be limitless. While you’re at it, it may also interest you to see other postfix settings in /etc/postfix/main.cf




Thank you. I created a merge request to set message size limit to 100MiB for everyone. email: Increase the size of the message to 100MiB (!2432) · Merge requests · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab . Perk of a self-hosted mail server.


Although the message size limit has been increased and works well with my clients, the webmail client (roundcube) doesnt seem to allow attachments larger than 2M.
I’ve tried configuring php.ini but cant get anywhere. Any ideas anyone?


A solution to increasing the Roundcube attachment file limit can be found here.