Resetting my pioneer?

I have had trouble connecting to the FB web interface following initial setup and haven’t been able use it at since purchasing the pioneer about 6 months ago. I posted about this here originally.

I received some generous help from @joseph and @Peterc , and while I would love to go to Network School as Joseph suggests, I just can’t for the foreseeable future. I don’t want my FB to lie around gathering dust.

Assuming that something went wrong during setup to prevent me from reaching the FB on the network, is there a way to ‘reset’ the FB in some way and begin the set up over again? Could I wipe the SD card, download a new image and start again that way?


The Pioneer Edition hardware page in the wiki discusses starting over with a fresh image:

The kits come with an SD card pre-loaded with FreedomBox. There’s NO need to download images.

However, if you wish to reset your devices to a pristine state, then you can do so with the image provided. Follow the instructions on the download page to create a FreedomBox SD card and boot the device. Make sure to download the Pioneer Edition images. These SD card images are meant for use with the on-board SD card slot and won’t work when used with a separate SD card reader connected via USB.

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