Plugging Freedombox into repeater connected to Router

I’ve got it set up! I am very excited.

Setup went pretty smoothly. I used the mDNS setup option, and http://freedombox.local/

I quickly realised I needed to disable my current VPN. (Can I suggest this point be included in the manual in the interest of catering to all abilities?)

I was a bit concerned about setup behind a router. I share a router with extended family: router isn’t in my home, and we conenct to the network via repeaters. Pioneer box is plugged into the one repeater that has an ethernet connection with the Router. I can still access the router though. I have chosen not to configure it for the time being because I am not sure how doing so will impact others on the network. I think I selected My ISP provides a public IP address that may change over time during setup because that seemed the most probable case.

I managed to download and install Wireguard last night with the intention to using it as my VPN going forward, but no implementation yet because, from memory, I need to deal with the router problems first.

One problem I have right now is that I don’t know how to reconnect to the Freedombox web interface again having shut down my computer last night. http://freedombox.local/ isn’t working.

And apologies in advance - I am so, painfully, a beginner.