Matrix stopped working

Hi guys

Matrix suddenly stopped working (FreedomBox Version 22.13). I tried to reboot but no luck. Please see the screenshot.


I encountered the same issue.
There seems to be an issues with the dependencies for synapse in bullseye-backports.
Synapse 1.57.1 needs matrix-common~=1.1.0, but got matrix-common==1.2.1

So the only (safe)thing to do is to wait until it has been resolved on the packaging side of things. Until then, no synapse on freedomboxes.

Well, that explains things. Thought my Lineage phone was being stupid. And on a travel day too.
If someone see’s it before I do, post up here when 1.2.1 hits the repos.

Matrix stopped working again after the update to 22.14
This fix resolved the problem:

Sunil Mohan Adapa

Sunil Mohan Adapa @sunilmohan · 3 days ago

<sunilmohan> emorrp1: So, this is an upstream issue?
<emorrp1> yes and no, yes upstream has merged a code change in develop that will incidentally fix it, but no it's a packaging upload that caused the problem to start occurring yesterday
<emorrp1> Copying details from other channel:
<emorrp1> Error: Synapse 1.57.1 needs matrix-common~=1.1.0, but got matrix-common==1.2.1
<emorrp1> Fix: `sudo sed -i '/common/s/~=/>=/' /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/matrix_synapse-1.57.1.dist-info/METADATA`

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Freedombox is working fine but Matrix has ben down just like gaiwan posted. Thank you all for posting and thank you Sunil for posting this solution. I haven’t tried it yet. Can anyone with the problem confirmed this solution works for them?

It worked for me.
No issues after running the command.
Debian 11 Bullseye-based build

Thank you timmy.
I can now confirm it worked for me too. :100:

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