Let us discuss marketing here

@madihaz, @mzchoksi, @profetik777, @allenpg . Thank you for the wonderful discussion today. I have created a new forum category “Marketing” under “Community” so we have a platform to discuss further. Let us use this at least until we decide something else better.


Thanks very much, Sunil!

@profetik777 and @allenpg, if it’s possible, I think we should set up a time to meet this weekend (perhaps Sunday), or next to harness the momentum – specifically building out marketing/communications infrastructure, choosing a platform to target, and getting to it. What do yo u think?

I’m on the EST time zone (NYC) and am happy to coordinate.

I am available. Just let me know a time.

I’m available, too. - Paul

Haven’t heard back from @profetik777 yet. How about we say tentatively, 7pm EST tomorrow, Sunday Jan 31. If not, next Saturday, Feb 6 at 12pm EST?

I’m available both times. Let me know.

Let’s confirm next Sat, Feb 6 at 12pm EST. @profetik777 let us know if that works for you. I will follow up with a Jitsi Meet link.

Looking forward,

OK - see you then, Madiha et al.

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Will join in. Thanks.

I would be interested as well. Could I also join?

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@dgj, absolutely. Anyone looking to help with promoting FreedomBox is welcome.

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I won’t be able to join this weekend but could work on action items that don’t require discussion.

For example, who is in charge of the website? Can the web/dev post a call to action (one line with a link) that takes user to a blog post sharing interest in joining the startup of a marketing team. I would love to have that done by end of Feb.


The source code for the website is at FreedomBox / freedombox.org · GitLab . Changes done there will be automatically deployed to the production website in one hour. Anyone can make changes to the repository. If you are able to edit the code, go ahead, make the changes and create a merge request for a review. If not, just create an issue describing the change in detail and one of the devs will make the change for you.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it today at 12pm EST. I hope to join next time!

Hi all, Here is the Jitsi Meet link we will use for our meeting at 12pm EST.

I’m a little under the weather and will keep my video off – but looking forward nonetheless. See you soon!

Sorry for missing the meeting.

Does freedombox use software to track tasks? I can help with taking the lead on the marketing team call to action post, unless there was something else someone wanted me to work on that might be more pressing.

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For issue tracking we currently use Salsa:

Depending on the nature of the actilities to be tracked it could either suffice, need external support (forums and wiki) or need some new specific tool.

Hi all! No problem at all, @profetik777, we can plan to meet again next week. I’m pasting notes from our talk below, as well as a link to a cryptpad where we can start writing out new language for use cases: CryptPad

I haven’t had much time yet to start since I’ve been sick with the virus, but I’m on the mend. I have also create another one where we can jot ideas down about social media, namely Reddit: CryptPad

Feb 6, 2021

Website is too static — a lot going on in the project, not enough conveyed
Put a feed from forum onto the site
Tell users what it’s about — what can it do?
We can do better than a phrase for each use case
Turn the phrase into a paragraph
We have matrix which can do what whats app is doing for you in a much more secure way, you’re hosting your server, you’re hosting the data for your family and friends and it can do audio and video calls
Identify some of these very good use cases - create a document where we fill in
another use case: replace dropbox, sharing music
Allen:t he use cases are a critical reference
Rather than considering what one of the applications can do, I’m interested in a suite of applications, capability of using freedombox

What we think our prototypical user is relying on and then give them a suite of services within freedom box - how do we configure the suite of applications

A user focused page — would help with the use case approach, identify users who are getting a great deal of value from the page
Focus on what people get out of it and not so much on the technical
Put it in the forum, feedback section on the forum — pick up stories from there
Social media platforms: reddit, instagram, twitter

Reddit: problem is centralized which is ideologically a problem
makes sense for us to go to reddit and twitter
James starting posting on the reddit subgroup
This team can take over that responsibility
Same with twitter, take responsibility over twitter
Twitter and mastodon — avoid using cross posting bots

Hi everyone, thought we should check in again. I’m going to be putting some work in on the use cases language this week. I’ll start by adding in the current use cases and use a different font colour perhaps to suggest my edits. Are you able to access the pad?

Please also feel free to write out the language you think would work best on the site on the pad.

@allenpg and @profetik777, should we come up with a time to meet later this week? Maybe Sunday? Or a weeknight early next week?