FreedomBox + Franklin T9 via USB?

I would like to purchase the Pioneer, but it would have to be connected to a Franklin T9 hotspot via USB, rather than Ethernet. Is that tenable, and what extra steps or hardware would be needed to ensure that the auto-setup successfully connects?

My advice would be to try it out on a GNU/Linux desktop computer that uses NetworkManager. Most of the modern Mobile hotspots appear as a ‘USB Ethernet’ device to a host computer. This is configured automatically by NetworkManager just like an Ethernet device by acquiring IP configuration using DHCP by default. FreedomBox/Pioneer would essentially do the same as they use NetworkManager.


  • I am not sure of the power requirements for the device when connected via the USB and whether Pioneer board can provide that much power. If this does not work, you may need to connect it via a powered USB hub.
  • If the device does not show up as an USB Ethernet device on the host machine, then make sure it is enabled in the hotspot’s configuration. See

Thanks. Under Linux Mint, Network Manager lists a Qualcomm device, the toggle for which cuts the connection, so I’m guessing that’s it. (I imagine the only hiccup would be if Mint does this by including a driver that Debian does not.) As for the suggestions on Reddit, indeed that’s a setting I had intended to set to USB-only, to disable extraneous Wi-Fi. Looks like I’ll be placing my order, then! :slight_smile: