FreedomBox VPN with Mobile Hotspot

How would I use FreedomBox as a VPN server with a mobile hotspot?

I currently access the internet using a Franklin Wireless R910 mobile hotspot via a Penguin Wireless N PCI card installed in my Linux Mint 18.3 PC. I imagine that to use FreedomBox as a VPN server I would have buy a wi-fi USB dongle to plug into the FreedomBox and then use an Ethernet cable to connect the FreedomBox to my PC. In diagram form it would look something like this:

LTE signal to/from ISP --> Wi-fi signal to/from hotspot sends --> FreedomBox with wi-fi dongle --> PC connects to FreedomBox via Ethernet cable

Is that correct? I’ve never used a FreedomBox and have limited experience using a VPN with a mobile phone only. Thanks for your attention and assistance.

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I went ahead and looked up to see if you can port forward on cellular Networks. It seems to be only a select few of services would allow you to port forward. If you could however, you could buy a domain and set your freedom box up with it to deal with the frequent changing IP.

Hopefully someone with more technical knowledge on port forwarding over cellular will step in. Sorry I could give you a definitive answer but it’s looking like no for now.

Thank you for your reply. I do already own and control a domain.