Free web-files "cloud" solutions?

I was not aware that (which evolved from Friendica to Red to Hubzilla) has also become an actual alternative to Nextcloud, a wiki, and a website CMS, besides to the social network forum things.

Due to the dev model, data handling, SSO features etc. it appears Hubzilla may even fit well within the freedombox vision. But I have no experience with it, has sombody gotten some experience?

Here is a quote from the project dev:

I don’t have any need or desire to use Facebook or Twitter. I don’t need Nextcloud or MediaGoblin or Drupal or Diaspora or GNU-Social or Mastodon or Wordpress. I’ve got all of the features from those applications that I want - right now, without needing those applications. I’ve got as much privacy as I want or need - up to top secret messages between top secret friends if I need that level of privacy. I can share photos from my photo albums and videos from my library with selected friends and only those selected friends. I’ve got 16 years of my online life literally in my pocket. Everything I need to keep from my online life over those years. I can spin it up on any server in the world at any time and have all my friends and all my content intact if the datacenter serving my stuff gets hit by a nuclear warhead. I can spin it up right now and keep it all synced between servers as I add new content - and switch to another server at any time; for just a few minutes or a few years. My server is my social network, even though I’m the only person with an account on it. My friends have their own servers and these all work together. It’s my personal cloud and my file sharing app. If I allow you to see my videos you can see them. If I don’t - you can’t and there’s nothing you can do about it. You don’t need a password on my machine to do this. You just be yourself and do your own thing, and if you can see them you’ll see them. I don’t see targeted ads. My dead friends don’t recommend products for me to buy (this actually happened to me once on Facebook). I don’t get spam from Twitter begging me to login and let them analyse me.

This is what we mean by “own your data”.

The documentation seems to provide a more precise introduction about what it is than the homepage:

There is a recent ITP, so it looks like someone is working on packaging it in Debian:

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Thanks, there is actually some packaging work to get that tried and tested network into debian to be seen at:

And there seems to be another free “cloud” web frontend, similar to hubzilla, but based on the classic XMMP network. Still adding public publishing (blog/news), timelines, and video chats (compatible to recent, and it’s already in debian:

Movim would also seems a good fit for XMPP on the freedombox (where hardware performance allows for actual publishing and not just the server and a JSXC webclient), but is lacking those hubzilla features that came with its years of experience.


A look at these hub/pod software projects showing their own public dev blog channels:

There seems to be some overlap with the Nextcloud thread (Status NextCloud as App?) and its features concerning internal drive filebrowsing, but I’m not sure how far this goes.

And it’s the same with the new pydio cells web interface posted there.

Hubzilla, without the current unfinished packaging state of these two, seems to be a typical PHP website installation (also possible on a freedombox: Installing and containing custom applications/software).

Found the kind of feature table I was looking for:

I am always surprised that there are yet more well thought out projects, and some even already available in debian.