Cockpit server administration

I have a Pioneer plugged into my router, Three other computers are all on the same network. I’m using Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) and FreedomBox version 19.2. FreedomBox is up to date.

When I log into cockpit, it accepts my user name and password but all I get is a blank white page. Any suggestions?

If you are asking for support for an issue, please include the following information at the top of your post:

  • Whether your FreedomBox is plugged into a router at home or not (if not, please specify how it is connected to the internet)
  • The month and year you bought your kit (feel free to omit if you want to preserve some privacy, but this could be helpful information)
  • The version of FreedomBox your are running (available by clicking on the “?” in the top menu --> “About”)

There’s an issue with Cockpit where it shows a blank page on first login but start working after refreshing the page in your browser.

Another known issue (reported by @simjim) is that it doesn’t work when accessed using the IP address but works if accessed using the domain name (like a DynDNS domain name or Tor hidden URLs).

i agree, issue still not solved.
cockpit works when i log in with tor
cockpit is blank when i log in from my home network
the refresh trick does not work with me

I’ve got TOR working. Can browse the internet but can’t connect to freedombox.