Zoph change Images Directory

I am very happy about Zoph and the possibility to build a database with my pictures and share them with my family, thank You!
For data security and space reasons, I would like to move the Zoph images directory to my external hard drive. The problem is the name of the drive: /media/root/1457241c-6030-48c5-91bd-9c54dcb1b7a91
According to the description of the format, underscores are allowed but the minus sign is not. Can this be changed? If I change the drive name my share directory names are no longer correct…

  • FreedomBox is plugged into a router
  • July 2018 from Olimex
  • FreedomBox Version 21.4.3

I can rename the disc label using e2label but i need to change the mountpoint name. The additional disc on my Pioneer (FB BAY-HDD external disk) /dev/sda1/ is not listed in /etc/fstab/

Sorry, problem solved. Renaming to /madia/root/data just wasn’t immediately visible.