XMPP over Tor with ejabberd

My FreedomBox is only accessible as a Tor hidden service, therefore I am interested in running as many apps over Tor as possible.

Problem: I am unable to connect to ejabberd over Tor with Pidgin. Any assistance would be appreciated.

What I did:

In order to use XMPP, I had to set a domain name for my FreedomBox under System > Configure, e.g., EXAMPLE.freedombox.rocks, after which ejabberd is enabled and running. (Note that my ISP does not provide a public-facing IP address, so the domain name is set only so I can configure ejabberd.)

In the chat client Pidgin, I have followed this guide from riseup.net for using Pidgin with a Tor hidden service, but it did not work.

To sum up what I did.

Under Basic:

  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Username: my FBX username
  • Domain: EXAMPLE.freedombox.rocks
  • Resource: empty
  • password: my FBX username password

Under Advanced:

  • Connection Security: Require encryption
  • Connect Port: 5222
  • Connect Server: my FBX onion address
  • File Transfer Proxies: empty

Under Proxy:

  • Proxy type: tried both SOCKS 5 and Tor/Privacy (SOCKS5)
  • Host:
  • Port: tried both 9050 and 9150 with Tor Browser Bundle running

Pidgin says “Unable to connect”.

I was, however, able to use ejabberd with the web client JSXC in Tor Browser Bundle with security level set at “Standard” (i.e., javascript is allowed, etc), but the user interface is unusable.

Anyone able to help?