XMPP and Matrix Synapse Server over Tor


I wanna set up both an XMPP server and Matrix server over Tor. I want to use the XMPP
server for jmp.chat and the Matrix server as a private server only for my family and friends. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. I installed Tor
  2. I installed Coturn
  3. I installed ejabberd
  4. I installed Matrix Synapse
  5. I forwarded all the ports listed for each

ejabberd has the .onion address listed as the domain that users will be registered for.

I installed Dino IM and attempted to log in using my Freedombox user account.
I got an error which said no response from server. I then tried to create an
account through Dino and got the same error.

I then pasted the .onion address into the Domain Name box in the
Configure tab of Plinth and tried again. No response from server.

I registered for the Dynamic DNS and configured its settings, and pasted the .fbx.one domain into the
Domain Name box in the Configure tab, and configured ejabberd to work with the .fbx.one domain as well.
No response from server.

I browsed Dino’s GitHub and found the Whonix and Tails developers discussing compatibility
with Tor, and was unable to determine if it was something they had implemented for sure. I believe
Gajim supports .onion addresses, but I think the problem is on my end if Dino is even unable to communicate
with my Freedombox using its .fbx.one address.

On the Matrix Synapse page, it says once the domain is configured, it can’t be switched,
so I’d like to know if I’m able to what I want to do. I searched for various terms
such as ‘matrix synapse over tor’, ‘matrix onion homeserver’ and briefly browsed the GitHub page,
but was unable to determine if this feature is implemented yet. Also, if I use an .onion address,
will my family and friends be able to access it with desktop or mobile clients such as Element and FluffyChat?

I’d appreciate any help you’re able to offer me.