XEP-0363 (file upload) not activated in default ejabberd configuration

Conversation says XEP-0363 (file upload) is not supported. I searched on https://docs.ejabberd.im, it seems it is implemented as mod_http_upload but in ejabberd.yml, it seems to be commented out:

- port: 5443
  ip: "::"
  module: ejabberd_http
    "/api": mod_http_api
    "/bosh": mod_bosh
      ## "/upload": mod_http_upload
    "/ws": ejabberd_http_ws
    ## captcha: true
    ## register: true
  tls: false
  protocol_options: 'TLS_OPTIONS'
  web_admin: true

Why is it so?

In general, is there any interface for some basic configuration of ejabberd or is the only solution to check the whole ejabberd documentation and edit ejabberd.yml?

Related issue: ejabberd: Enable XEPs (#703) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab

Thanks for the quick feedback.

In that issue, the last info on support of XEP-0363 is 4 years old. The only other place I found anything about support of XEP-0363 in ejabberd in Freedombox is Xep-363 and xep-359 support which says it works with conversations.

Was it activated at some time in the past with non-configurable settings and later disabled? Or is the author of the forum post confused?

Could https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Manual indicate the XEPs supposed to be activated with ejabberd?

Can I help for documentation and testing? I can also contribute with money, I love Freedombox and that feature is essential to me, none of my contacts will use XMPP without it.