Wordpress - updates

I am just starting with Wordpress on my FBx.
There are some plugins that could be updated. The Wordpress interface is asking for “connection details” if I click on “update”.
It requires host-name (should be the name of my web page), FTP/SSH username and password. These are not my log-in data, so what is it I have to enter?

If the plugin has been installed by default then it comes from the Debian package. Security updates to it area handled by Debian + unattended-upgrades that FreedomBox does normally for all packages. You don’t have to update these plugins.

If the plugin has been installed manually, you need to update the plugin manually for now. @nbenedek has an awesome plan to allow installation and upgrade of WordPress plugins using its interface. This will hopefully be available soon.


I did the update by following the directions here: FreedomBox/Manual/WordPress - Debian Wiki, please see section 9. I am looking forward to @nbenedek 's fix for this, as I think it would be nice to have a secure & updated WordPress “landing page” for guests visiting our sites. I Hope this helps.