WireGuard Error Installing Application

Error thrown,

Error installing application: ‘gi.repository.NM’ object has no attribute ‘SETTING_WIREGUARD_SETTING_NAME’

System info,
You are running Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) and FreedomBox version 20.3. FreedomBox is up to date.
Raspberry pi3

I have just typed in

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

I thought WireGuard would work after this but it didn’t.
After the error though the icon apeared on my home screen but when I click it, it brings me to the install page.

Don’t know if related, but am also getting an error, although a little different. Running FreedomBox v. 20.3 on Olimex Pioneer Edition. All packages are up-to-date. The error I receive after clicking install is:

Error installing application: g-io-error-quark: GDBus.Error:org.fedoraproject.FirewallD1.Exception: INVALID_SERVICE: wireguard-freedombox (36)

WireGuard also now appears under apps, and clicking on it brings me back to the install page.

@Jacob, you should not have been able to install WireGuard on Buster as the package is not available there. WireGuard is available on Debian testing/unstable (and will on the next stable release). You should have seen an error that this package is not available for your distribution.

The error about NM you are seeing is because NetworkManager (used by FreedomBox to configure and manage WireGuard) does not support WireGuard on Buster. However, you should have seen a better error.

@dgj, If you are on Pinoeer Edition, you are also using Buster and WireGuard is not available there. Your particular problem will likely go away on a reboot (we are tracking an issue where firewalld is not reloaded after upgrading FreedomBox).

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Thank you for responding and giving me an explanation. I can’t wait for the next stable release!

Wireguard is now available via buster-backports, it’s nice app, maybe FreedomBox can support it in the future?

I was also considering this. We will need network-manager of a certain version to support WireGuard. This does not seem to be available in buster-backports yet.