Where is the Io network interface used for?

I noticed the presence of the network interface “Io”. Has it always been present? I cannot remember that it was there before. I am also a bit curious where it is used for. Does somebody know that?

I didn’t install any new apps. My freedombox version is 23.19 on a RaspberryPi 4

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Hello, the lo interface is the loopback interface.

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I believe it is present in most, if not all, UNIX-like operating systems.

Please read the resources below.

See below:

Also read:


Thanks for the answer. Sorry, I thought I reacted but apparently not.

I know the localhost ip-adress, I have seen it in localhost software. I have never seen it in a list like this and I didn’t recall specifically enabling it. That confused me. But thanks for answering, it is clear now.

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