What is Samba app?

On FreedomBox, Samba is described as a File Sharing app, on the wiki it is a File Syncronization app. But even better description may be File Storage.


How about Remote File Storage or Network File Storage ?

A longer name makes sense, FreedomBox already has a Distributed File Storage app. Another option would be File Server.

To avoid confusion, “local” should appear in the name

I’d prefer using terms that don’t conflict with the description of Syncthing and Nextcloud.
Syncthing is a file synchronization solution. Nextcloud at the most basic level is a file server.
File sharing conflicts with the Sharing app.

Of the current options we have, “Network File Storage” seems like the most accurate way of describing what Samba is.

“Remote File Storage” is somewhat confusing, since Samba app is meant for internal networks only.
“Local” would also be confusing. Local to the client or local to the FreedomBox server?