What is max size microSD card allowed?

Just started up with Pioneer box, but had hosed the 32GB microSD card before I even RTFM.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I have much larger mSDs (up to 200 & 400 GB). Will they work if I install the original FreedomBox image on them? Will they work if I modify the image—and what is necessary to do that? Or, if I have to stay smaller, would 64GB work? Otherwise, if I must, I’ll just get another 32GB, and increase storage with an appropriate add-on drive (:currency_exchange:)…

May I ask what you did and how the sdcard failed?

Personally, I would recommend not using an sdcard as system drive. They break way too fast. It could be that they work longer if formatted with F2FS. But if you add an HDD or SSD anyway, I’d think better move the whole system to it.

This issue reached to a simplified example how it could be done manually:

If this variant is more secure, why is the freedombox not installed on harddisk by default or has this as an installation option?

I accidentally erased the card that came with the unit—as the song said: purely ”my own damn fault”:exploding_head:
Since I had to replace it anyway, I wanted to use the biggest possible.
BUT, THANKS for the info/link, Nick, as perhaps I can do BOTH—after I install a replacement system on a new card…

I guess it’s not default due to the costs of a HDD/SSDs, and they not being a common option in early single board computers.
The mentioned issue, though, is specifically about a method to migrate from sdcard to HDD/SSD.

So hopefully, there can be an option “Migrate (move) System” in the freedombox configuration menu (even running from a downloaded F2FS sdcard image) to move to another (different, newer and/or larger) disk partition (creating a btrfs filesystem by default).

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Olimex shipped a 128 GB microSD card during Christmas 2019. So, I’d bet that your 200 GB microSD cards are likely to work.

The maximum supported size of the microSD card is a question for @olimex

You can download the stable image and its signature here

Follow the video on this page to burn the image to a microSD card.

It is possible to install and boot FreedomBox from an external HDD/SSD using the SATA interface. Olimex even sells an accessory for this purpose.

I proposed shipping the Pioneer edition with a 320 GB SATA HDD (or customizable at checkout) using the BAY enclosure mentioned above and dropping the 32 GB microSD card. This seems to be a low priority for both FreedomBox and Olimex right now. :zipper_mouth_face:

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we never try more than 128GB sdcard
HDD/SSD has too many combinations to keep all of them in stock. whatever version we decide to stock there will be someone asking for another.