Webtrees on rpi3

Hi, I am very new to freedom box and need some help.
I have got the latest install and updates, I can access my box only by using the 129.168 method, I cannot see it any other way, but for me that’s fine. I want to load webtrees but it is not listed. How do I install it?
If someone can help a newbie with little knowledge I will be most grateful.
Many thanks

Hi @Ron,

Unfortuantely, Webtrees is not in the Debian repo. With that, it is also not a part of the FBX ecosystem. Though, the nice thing about FBX is that it’s a pureblend Debian so, as it may not come with Webtrees, it doesn’t lock you in nor does it restrict you from installing any third party app you wish to use (at your own risk ofcourse : ).

As it’s not a ‘supported application,’ you will need to get your hands dirty. If you’re using your FBX in production, I suggest you create a virtual machine with FBX on another computer and see how it goes from there. If you can get it running, you’ll have achieved the below:

  • Create an apache virtual host configuration for your new site
  • Download the webtrees files to your FBX and copy them to the virtual host path (w/ providing necessary permissions)
  • Obtain a LetsEncrypt certificate for your webtrees website
  • Creata an SQL user and database for webtrees to use

If you’re new, my humble opinion would be to take it one step at a time. If you can do some web search for the above and understand how to achieve them, installing webtrees will be breeze : )

Sorry cant be of more help. If not all, I hope some of my pointers may assist you on the way.


Edit: Feel free to ask on any of the above if/when you require help. I will still try to the best of my abilities.