Websites on FreedomBox


I was looking at the small items roadmap and noticed that there’s a suggestion of maybe doing WordPress. I just wanted to throw out the idea of Ghost.

For simple website hosting, I’ve found it to be more user friendly than WP. I know there’s a Debian package for it.

Are there any problems with running nginx and node.js on FreedomBox? Is there any reason to avoid endeavoring down this path of trying to get it running?

I guess I should add that I know I can easily just install these things through the CLI, but I was hoping to integrate other existing packages into the admin panel.

@fausty, we are encouraging apps in FreedomBox even when similar apps are available already. This is encouraged as long as there is at least one developer promoting and maintaining that application. Even if WordPress is be included into FreedomBox, Ghost can definitely be added.

I tried to searched for ghost in the Debian archive and could not find anything. Perhaps the Debian package needs to be uploaded into the Debian archive.

As for running nginx and node.js on FreedomBox, there is no problem technically or policy wise. Although, since we are already running a Apache instance, perhaps the ngninx web configuration/proxying part could be written for Apache to avoid bringing in another web server.

If you are a developer and are looking add this app to FreedomBox, we from the core team would like to help you with that. Let us know if you need any information or have queries regarding how FreedomBox works. See the FreedomBox developer manual over at

There is an RFP for Ghost