Website available for translation

The website has been added as a new component for translation on Weblate, the online translation tool. You can make the website available to readers of your favorite languages by translating English strings using this web interface.

Many users discover FreedomBox by starting at the website through search, news and social media posts. A typical user may spend only a few minutes on the website before deciding if FreedomBox is some thing they should pursue. The new design of the website is done with this in mind. It explains in the simplest ways what a FreedomBox is, the principles behind it, how to easily obtain it (buy vs. build) and how to participate in the community. Translating this component will give your language’s speakers the best first impressions of the project.

If you don’t wish to use the web interface provided by Weblate, you can also translate the website using your favorite translation tool and raise a pull request against the project.

If you find an issue with the English source string please raise an issue or post here.

Currently, the site does not have a language drop down. Once the site is translated into a new language, a drop down for choosing the language will be enabled. Contact me once the translation reaches a usable state.

Happy translating.