Warning in diagnostic results

Today, I saw a notification that there was a something to look at in the diagnostic results so I looked there. There was “warning” for the two first diagnostics for postfix. Above, there as a button “re-run setup”.

I checked, “apt -s upgrade” said there were upgrades available for postfix. I clicked on “re-run setup”, then there was the postfix/dovecot application page saying that the application was being updated, it took some time. After it was finished, I re-ran diagnostics and no more warning, so this was the reason for the warnings probably.

I just wonder about the following:

  • If I had done nothing, would the upgrades have been automatically installed after some time?
  • Is there any place to see more detail when there is a warning in diagnostic results?
  • Yes, most likely. I think there is some time (a few hours?) in-between when the packages lists are updated, and when the package updates are installed. It would be better if we can detect this situation and ignore it, but not sure if that is possible.
  • Currently, the diagnostic results are cached in memory, but not stored persistently. So you might be able to see recent results on the diagnostics page, but they will be gone if the FreedomBox service is restarted. In the future, the most recent results will be stored in the database so they can be viewed any time later.