Using Syncthing with external storage

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    It is connected to my ISP’s router.
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    FreedomBox version 23.6.1

I’m asking just in case somebody knows a sensible workaround. I believe this feature has not been implemented yet.

I want to store my Syncthing folders on an external HDD connected to my Pioneer FB via USB. The HDD uses the NTFS file system.

Recently, I tinkered with my FB installation and accidentally broke it. Since I had no backups, I had to reflash my SD card and start over. This time, I want to manage my FB mainly through the GUI as intended.

As I searched this forum and GitLab issues, I found that this issue was being worked on a few years ago. There were mentions of using the FreedomBox directory, which my FB created on my HDD. Is this a viable option?

Currently, when I try to sync a folder to my HDD, I encounter the following error:


Strangely (or maybe not), Syncthing did manage to create the “test” folder, but it doesn’t seem to be able to modify this file.

Has anyone found a way to make Syncthing work with the HDD? I have a lot of files to sync and the SD card is not a good candidate.

Thank you!

I installed Freedombox on a microSD card and moved the root filesystem to an external disk using the procedure with btrfs replace described in (the last “simplified method”).

This formats the external disk with btrfs, which may not be what you want, but that is the closest I know to what you are asking.

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I came across the idea of moving the root filesystem to an external drive, and I appreciate the reference you provided. However, I was hoping to keep the ability to unplug the drive and use it on another device if I wanted to take it with me.

That being said, it seems that your suggestion is probably the best option for my needs. Thanks for your help!

I have my FB running on the micro SD card with another drive connected to it (utilizing the add-on box/kit from Olimex).

Basically, I just formatted it in btrfs (with my other pc), attached it to my FB, set it up in cockpit & use it as a storage drive; Syncthing works great across my devices.

Just be mindful of your folder names during setup or you’ll end up with multiple ones. It’s so great to be able to plug in my laptop after work and have everything sync up, what a timesaver.

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