Using decentralized domains

First post so let’s see how this goes :smile:

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use decentralized domain names (Handshake, .eth) with FBX? I just got mine and am getting started. Frankly I have nothing but :100: resentment tor ICANN and the mafia running that cartel. I own plenty of domains on the centralized DNS that I can use with my FBX but if I can have one of my HNS domains be used instead that would be awesome!


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Currently, there is no direct integration of any of the decentralized domain names in FreedomBox except for Tor’s .onion addresses. You should be able to manually set them up, I suppose.

It would certainly good to integrate some both for resolution of domain names as well as using the domain names for FreedomBox. What type of domains would be suitable for FreedomBox users and integration into FreedomBox? Any of these have the needed software packaged in Debian already? offers domains based on the Handshake protocol. They also have a panel that allows records to be set, also the domains can forward. However there’s still the need for a resolver which they do offer.