User Websites To Be Selectable As Webserver Home Page

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At time of writing, I am still trying to configure my FBX so that it serves up a static site, rather than plinth, by default. As far as I can understand, it seems I need to go to System / General Configuration and set Webserver Home Page to Apache Default so that it serves up the content of freedombox.local/var/www/html. Then I either need to alter permissions for this folder from the CLI in order to replace the files over LAN; or - and I’m not 100% certain on this yet - I need to manually edit a config file so that the Apache server redirects incoming traffic to the appropriate User Websites folder.

I previously posted about this here:

Whereas I’m rather enjoying the process and am more than happy to learn, this level of fiddling around would be a significant barrier to use for any truly non-technical user. As per @NickA’s suggestion on the above thread, I would like to request that User Websites be selectable within the “Webserver Home Page” drop-down menu in the Configuration section. I’m not a coder but it seems like fairly low hanging fruit and a really worthwhile thing to include.

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I’ve created a ticket for this in Salsa: #1981

Fantastic. Thanks Fioddor. Is this something I should do myself moving forward or should I request features here? If anyone can raise tickets, please drop me a link to the portal/instructions and I’ll happily do that in future. Still finding my feet here so patience/advice appreciated. Cheers.

The link to the issue will bring you to the Debian development management system. It is a Gitlab instance called Salsa. You can register and you’ll get a guest account like mine. Then you’ll be able to create tickets.

The idea is to use the forum, which is more regular-user friendly, to drop, discuss and shape ideas and then create tickets in Salsa specifying proposals in detail. provides information about other ways to contribute.

Being new your feedback is very valuable because you suffer difficulties that advanced users don’t even spot anymore: As we get familiar with rough edges they become translucid, then transparent and finally invisible.

I personally started contributing translations in the wiki, then in the UI, then playing with my own box I found some obsolete information to update, then I started to hack code improving the documentation because as a new user I need it, and lately I’m investigating how to bring new apps to FB. But YMMV, so just scratch your own itch and find your own path.

The existing documentation is basically a reference manual plus internal notes. It still requires some minimal technical knowledge. Regular users need guidance on basic IT and networking concepts, tips on where/how to start, …etc. There’s a lot that can be done around it focusing of specific use cases. Introduction pages mention some use cases but they are not explained in detail afterwards. New articles, blog posts, videos, etc might make a long way to attract new less tech-savy users.

Thanks Fioddor. Joined this forum with a little trepidation - not knowing the culture, history, objectives and working methods of the community here particularly well. Heartening to get such a great response and to feel there may be something I can contribute here, in time. Will give that link a read. Cheers!