Update Radicale Manual

Update Wiki to reflect that the domain name is enough to use in the described applications (Desktop:Evolution, Android:DAVx5).

The given url (https://IP-address-or-domain-for-your-server/radicale/user/calendar-name.ics/) is not needed. (https://IP-address-or-domain-for-your-server) is enough in both Evolution and DAVx5.
In Evolution you can just click “find” where you then login and DAVx5 just auto-detects everything.

Update url and screenshots.

I’ve tried to capture new screenshots following the same phrases used in the current ones.

using the new GnomeOs Nightly

I think it would be pretty nice if you could login into your Freedombox in gnome-online-accounts. I think this would highly increase Easy-of-use of the Freedombox, especially for the people who don’t run the Freedombox themselves but use them as a Family or Apartment… But i looked at their repo on GitLab and it seems they are not that active in merging new features :slightly_frowning_face: