Unable To Modify Logo in Mediawiki

OK, so here’s my latest New User Head Scratcher…

I have installed Mediawiki and started putting together a little private knowledge base. So far so good. However, I would like to change the logo to something more personal. In an effort to do this, I added a new logo to the /etc/mediawiki folder, ensuring that it meets the size requirements (135X135 pixels).
I also uploaded it to the wiki using the upload file option on the main page.

I then opened the the LocalSettings.php file in /etc/mediawiki and found the default entry for the logo.

Default entry: $wgLogo = “$wgResourceBasePath/resources/assets/wiki.png”;

Following instructions I found in the Mediawiki documentation, I tried each of the following replacements - to no avail.

  1. $wgLogo = “{$wgScriptPath}/mylogo.png”;
  2. $wgLogo = $wgScriptPath . ‘mylogo.png’;
  3. $wgLogo = “{$wgUploadPath}/mylogo.png”;
  4. $wgLogo = $wgUploadPath . ‘mylogo.png’;

Is anyone able to tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I thought I might be altering the wrong PHP file, and so I ran some commands in the terminal and found some alternatives that looked promising. However, they were just symlinks which direct to the file I was altering.

As always - help greatly appreciated!


The value of wgLogo is set in FreedomBoxStaticSettings.php which is included at the bottom of LocalSettings.php

To override the default settings set by FreedomBox you should add the setting after the include lines.

Thanks. Just booted up my PC, edited the file and went to open my wiki only to find that now it won’t open at all. I just get a blank screen. I changed the LocalSettings.php file back and tried to reload but it’s still borked. Any idea what causes this?

You must’ve made some PHP syntax error while editing LocalSettings.php

Possibly but seems unlikely. I haven’t changed much.
When I run diagnostics from the GUI it reports Access URL failures on tcp4 and tcp6 (multiple entries).
Does that imply anything specific to you?

Just a thought: I’ve got my FBX set to autoupdate. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the recent changes I saw you report on mastodon, by any chance?


Check if you set the “Server URL” correctly in MediaWiki app configuration.

I didn’t change anything URL related but I can try. Where would I go for that?
In Apps/Mediawiki there is no URL field.

Are you running windows and plugged the sdcard? IIRC that could change the line breakes’ formatting.

Did you try disabling and enabling it again?

BTW, can you check the versions of both FreedomBox and MediaWiki

dpkg -l freedombox
dpkg -l mediawiki

You’re not running FreedomBox testing, are you?

I am not running FBX Testing as far as I know. I am running this on the OLIMEX Pioneer FBX I purchased. Have tried disabling and re-enabling the Wiki but it still reports service mediawiki is not running in the App configuration page.

Could it be a permissions issue? I was chmodding folders/files yesterday in order to edit their contents. Perhaps I’ve inadvertently blocked access. The thing is though - those changes usually take effect immediately and the wiki was working yesterday. This problem began this morning.

I’m editing the files on the FBX from my Linux PC, accessed from the file manager as an external drive on the same Local Area Network.

In that case, I don’t see a better alternative than purge and reinstall MediaWiki.

OK. I haven’t really made many pages in the wiki yet so it’s no real hassle at this particular juncture.
However, if I wish to edit the logo on the next install, I will still need to chmod the folders/files again in order to a) place the logo in location, and b) edit the LocalSettings.php file.

As the expert in the room, would you recommend that a) I settle for less customisation, b) take more time to learn about the perils of altering permissions, c) install an alternative, more easily customised wiki not packaged with FBX from the terminal? Not sure if they’re compatible but I’ve had both tiddlywiki and moinmo recommended to me.


You shouldn’t have chmoded anything.
Instead edit the file as root, e.g. sudo vi LocalSettings.php.

Also, use a root shell to place your logo into the right location. As long as it is readable, Apache server should be able to serve it.

It doesn’t seem like you’ll be happy with this option.

I’d recommend this before any further tinkering.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re not comfortable with Linux filesystem permissions yet. It’s possible to make newbie mistakes like placing the .sqlite file of the application’s database in the same place as the rest of the wiki files thus publicly serving your database to the Internet.

Ah, yes. Log in as root. Of course. Was altering so I could access and edit easily by accessing it through my file manager using my Linux desktop on the same network. Not sure if I can do that as root. Happy to get more comfy with the command line anyway. It’s happening slowly. Thanks for your continued help and patience. I’ll come back to this when I’ve got a bit more free time. Cheers!