Unable to log by ssh

Problem Description
Unable to log by ssh

Actual results
(I get an error with the following message:)

ssh: Could not resolve hostname freedombox: Temporary failure in name resolution.

Freedombox ver.19.1
Raspberry Pi 3B +

The ssh message makes clear that the hostname freedombox cannot be resolved. You should find out (if a new installation) your freedombox ip address and try to use that.
In the quick start guide https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Manual/ (How to get started - step 4)it gives you various ways to define the ip address

Thank you! I know the ip address of my server. Yeah, and I can go to the server like that. But why is hostname freedombox not resolved? How do I get it resolved?

You need to have an authoritative DNS server where you put the names for your home network for example. Bind (installed from Freedombox) is not currently giving you the option to do that.

An easy solution if you run linux is to put the name and ip address in your /etc/hosts file.
Or only for ssh (again linux) you can you use the config file in ~/.ssh/config with something like:

Host freedombox
	Hostname <fbx-ip-address>

No clue for windows. They must use a host file if I m not mistaken.
Hope this helps.

Thanks once again. I have Linux. I will try.