Turn off Badges in this forum


I am here to exchange with humans. Is it possible to turn off these useless notification of Badge here Badge there?
Is it just me who is fed up with such things.


(also all the stuff like not letting users post two character long messages)

You only have two badges. You must have a low threshold for nuisance!

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Well, we are here because we like this project and want to participate, have a problem or both, right?
To do that, I need humans. This is what I got, when hopeing a human wrote me, to help me:


I call this SPAM and confusion (how to get rid of this bloody bot), I see no, no value at all in a bot sending me notifications.

I take your point and I do understand where you are coming from.

The whole setup with badges and @discobot are just part of the Discourse platform, which the Freedombox forum is based on. They are meant to incentivize forum participation, and make it kind of fun.

There is an option in the settings under the Preferences tab, click Interface on the left and all the way on the bottom it says “skip new user onboarding tips and badges”, have you tried that?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I don’t think that Discobot guided tour through the markup and forum features is a too bad idea, but the makers of this software should give us a code after having finished that tour to shortcut it on the next installation we meet.

And the mentioned opt-out above should be one of the first things Discobot mentions.

I never went to this menu but this box is now checked for me. Still, I see an “anniversary” badge recently. Perhaps this is not considered par of the “new user onboarding tips and badges”?

I Divde this post in: Badges and Bot

Yes, but No. It is actually a marketing trick to manipulate humans - the triggers of the human psyche are well known, right?
This is to keep you on the site and to increase your posts\interaction (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are pro’s). Is this freedom in the sense of an: Eben Moglen?

Remember Microsofts office Clipy: This is what the bot drives you mad.
I agree, a quick tour on my pace and when ever I wish, is a fine idea. An initial message on signing up, with a link to start this tour, would be enough or does it need a bot just “because you can”?

Well, wrong forum to make changes to the software of http://www.discourse.org/. However, your take will only solve the problem after you have done the whole torture :slight_smile:

Yes, it only gets rid of the bot.

Disabling badges

You can disable badges, and remove them from the users summary page, by unchecking the setting enable badges.

And today:
This badge is granted for visiting 10 consecutive days.

As I have 9 Badges, this means I got one per day !!

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Is it really worth writing that much about something you want to ignore?
You should get the 1st badges-phobia badge ever awarded?


This is something people are afraid of, right?
Did you get the impression that I am afraid of it? If so, that was not my point.

Folks, thank you for the inputs.

There is more to building online discussion communities than mere conversation. Some of the nuances involved are better understood by the developers of Discourse, the free software project powering this forum. I believe we are better off deferring to their opinions (the defaults) on many of these matters.

In this case, it is regrettable that some of us find the badges annoying. However, I suspect that they also made participation a bit more fun for some of us. I request you to try to ignore them if possible. That said, if more and more people find them annoying, we can certainly consider turning them off.