Tt-rss customization

I recently installed a new Freedombox deployment — my 2nd overall, but this one is the first where I’m attempting to support tt-rss.

TT-RSS supports aftermarket themes & plugins, which the TT-RSS docs say should be downloaded to the “themes.local” directory under the tt-rss root. (See )

However, I cannot find in the FreedomBox documentation where the tt-rss root is. It’s clearly not in some obvious old-school place like /var/www/. Presumably this is due to the Plinth infrastructure, but the upshot is that I’ve spend quite a while hunting on an SSH connection and I’m tired looking for a needle in this haystack.

IMO, this is something that ought to be in the FB docs from the start, since that level of customization for tt-rss is pretty common. Regardless, I’m resorting to asking for the answer here, in hopes that the next person will be able to find it, more quickly.

Anybody know what the directory is?

Look at /usr/share/tt-rss/www. On my box I see themes there but not themes.local. Maybe the Debian tt-rss package just doesn’t bother to create an empty directory. The sweet spot for what to document in Freedombox vs pointing to external documentation will vary by app, but if the external docs often reference tt-rss root, I agree it could be helpful (and not onerous) for the Freedombox manual to note its location.

me@freedombox:~$ cat /etc/tt-rss/apache.conf

tt-rss default Apache configuration

Alias /tt-rss /usr/share/tt-rss/www

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