Transmission daemon 3.0 unresponsive API / WebUI during downloads - bullseye

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I am back running debian stable freedombox. The main reason is a bug with transmission daemon 3.00-1 in debian bullseye. Which I encountered.

Below is a copy and paste from a fellow Transission user that explains the issue and blow that is a web link to his post at github transmission.

" I recently upgraded to 3.0, I am running the docker but I think this is a 3.0 behaviour.

I primarily run transmission via Transmission Remote GUI but as of installing 3.0 the UI is unable to connect at all once at least one DOWNLOAD is over about 5MB/s. While I am used to the UI / API hanging during file moves I have never had a problem during downloads. This appears to be a new issue with the lack of threading.

I was able to load the built in web UI but it was INCREDIBLY slow and unresponsive as well. "

If this issue is solved will the new package be in backports for bullseye ?

Web link to the post:

Package: transmission (3.00-1) bullseye
Package: transmission (2.94-2+deb10u2) buster

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Hello All,

It looks like the above issue as been acknowledged ?

" ok32 pushed a commit to ok32/docker-transmission-openvpn that referenced this issue yesterday "

Regards: peter

This seems to be the upstream issue:

I did not find a corresponding Debian bug, so it would be helpful to report it there also (referencing the upstream issue).


Bug#986045: Acknowledgement (transmission-daemon: transmission daemon 3.0 unresponsive API / WebUI during downloads)

You can follow progress on this Bug here: 986045:

Regards: peter