Translation to French

If needed, I can help translating to French (native speaker).
That’s about the only thing I can do for the project neither being a developer nor a designer.

I cannot really understand where to start in I tried to fill the blanks I found.

One issue I stumbled upon was following a link on freedombox site to get to

where one gets a warning that the original document is more recent than translation and indeed the translation says for example that:
version 0.9 is planned for February (2016) which does not sound up to date to say the least.

Is that related to Freedombox translation efforts or should I go directly to debian to ask for it to be fixed?
What’s the process here?


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Thanks for your interest in contributing to FreedomBox.

You can find all FreedomBox projects available for translation on Weblate here:

Clicking on any of the projects will take you a page with languages where you can select French.

The FreedomBox Manual (hosted on the Debian wiki) has been fully translated into Spanish only so far (thanks to @fioddor). The other language translations are incomplete. If you want to translate into French, it is best to follow the example of the Spanish translation.

You can create an account on the Debian wiki and start writing the wiki pages in French. Once it is reasonably complete, we can include French manual pages with each FreedomBox installation.

I’ll try to do that.
What do you mean by follow the Spanish translation?
That I should translate form the Spanish translation?
It is fine with me, I can translate from Spanish.

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I meant that it is a good example of a translation. The Spanish translation maintained the same page layout, images and URLs as the English version. This made it easier to integrate the manual pages into the web application.

No. Please use English as the source language since most updates happen on the English wiki first.


Automatic sign-up being disallowed there I am waiting for the green-light from

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On weblate I tried to translate a few phrases and worlds often making only suggestion and sometimes failing too translate because of the lack of context or my ignorance of French equivalent to some concept.

Then weblate sent me back to the main page of French translation of the FreedomBox. With the message:
“The translation has come to an end.”
There are still things to translate according to this very page.
What does it mean ?
Does that mean that the translation efforts of the remaining parts have been stopped?

On the other hand I tried to update the first page of

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Weblate allows you to select a subset of the strings to translate such as “Strings needing attention”. Reaching the end of the subset doesn’t mean that all strings have been translated.

Glad to know that you’ve started translating the manual to French. :slightly_smiling_face: