Translation Error

Hi everyone,

I am not sure where I need to go with this.
I just installed freedombox on a VM to try it out.
The web interface was automatically set to Dutch.
When I was looking trough the network configuration I could’t find the option to set a manual ip address.

Turns out that “Manual” has been translated to the dutch word “Handboek” which is “Handbook” in Eglish.
“Handmatig” would be the correct translation of “Manual” imho.

I decided to not ignore it and try to add to the project right away, but I have no idea where I have to report such a thing.

I hope someone can help me further?


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You can find the Dutch translations here

You can search for the word “Manual” in the Search tab.
Direct link:

Allright, I’ll give it a try. Maybe I can add some more translations while I’m at it.
Thanks for the swift response.

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