Transitioning from testing to backports

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I have a question (see below) about getting an appropriate version of FB running on my box that is a balance between being stable enough to be useful, while also receiving new releases. Maybe I should start a new thread for this question?


I’m running FB on a Raspberry Pi3B. I’ve been messing with my box too much and have now flattened it and I’m preparing to put a fresh install of FB on it

If I follow the instructions at the following FB Wiki link - “Upgrade FreedomBox from stable to testing” - but change testing to backports, will I end up with the backports stable version running on my box?

And will backports get the Coturn app soon (next week-ish, as you say)? While also providing a stable enough version of FB to be usable?

Or would the testing image the RPi3B from here be best?

I’m still a bit confused about working with the versions and repos!

Thanks for all your help.

I moved this to a new topic.

First thing to note that when you are stable, FreedomBox automatically and selectively enables backports. Latest FreedomBox release will flow into backports with a delay of less than a week. If FreedomBox 20.8 is released next Monday, it will reach testing in about 2-3 days. After that it will take 2-3 days to reach backports and one more day for your machine to upgrade itself.

If you already have testing, changing to stable + backports is not recommended. This is because a package with higher versions in testing might have already been installed won’t get downgraded to stable version. It won’t receive security updates from stable.

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