Torrent daemons transmission and deluge - Port Forwarding trouble

Problem Description
Both torrent-daemons don’t seem to seed properly. The port of transmission is shown to be “closed”, although the ports are forwarded in my networks router.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install transmission / deluge via plinth.
  2. Forward ports for ingoing connections in your router (e.g. 51413)
  3. Did that for both ip4 and ip6 as for TCP and UDP
  4. Create a new torrent on your pc and share it publicly
  5. Add that torrent to transmission and deluge web clients.

Expected Results
daemons download and then seed the new torrent

Actual results
but that’s not happening. Although the seed is reported by the included trackers no download starts. If I add the file by hand that download is shown completed it is also shown by the trackers as seed but other devices also don’t start to download.
Interestingly when I downloaded a Linux-ISO that works. But it also hasn’t uploaded a single bit yet.


  • FreedomBox version: 20.11

I have the same problem. Torrents are not giving out. No seeding.

Problem solved. It was the tracker. Solution: write tracker addresses in the host file.