Tor Relay listed in Relay Search?

Hello everyone,

is a Freedombox Tor Relay listed in Tor Metrics Relay search? Diagnostic shows everything green but i don’t find my Relay there

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2019 FB Pioneer FreedomBox Version 22.22.1.

I have a bridge that shows up on the metrics page, but it did take a couple days to show up at first.

If you mean the diagnostic page on Plinth, there can be misconfiguration in a Tor setup that will not be detected by the diagnostics that Plinth does. Check through the journal to confirm it is not throwing errors or otherwise failing to run properly:

sudo journalctl -r -u tor@plinth

I like to pass the -r flag, to start at the most recent journal entries instead of trying to scroll through pages of journal to get to the most recent, but you can leave it off if you’d rather.

Another neat tool you can install is nyx, which will show you real-time bandwidth usage and connections to the device, and also displays error messages from the journal in real-time as well.

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Apart from what @BluishHumility suggested, you should also make sure that the required ports are open to the Internet. While connected to a network that is outside of your homeserver’s, you could run a port scan with nmap to verify the ports are open. This would look like:
$ nmap -p port1,port2. Port 1 and port 2 are shown in your Freedombox’s Tor app.

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My internet connection is probably inappropriate for running a Tor relay. I have a connection via 4G cellular. This cellular router is bridged and the Freedombox is connected via a cable router whose ports are opened as instructed. Maybe i can support Tor by using snowflake in my Browser.

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