Tiny Tiny RSS Setup

I am running Tiny Tiny on my Debian-based Freedombox.

However, the interface seems to lack features such as a list and window pane. Is this an older version? I can’t see anything in the Freedombox config (unless these are CLI settings via SSH)…


I think you need to go into preferences and turn off, “Combined mode.” When you click on an article then I hope you’ll see the list on top and the reading pane down below. You can make the mistake of sliding the reading pane all the way to the bottom which can make it difficult to restore the reading pane to usable size. You can reset your preferences in the preferences menu if you set your preferences to be unusable.

Here’s a screen capture of my setup:

Jesus, thanks! I looked and didn’t see that option, and when I looked again I saw it!

Anyway thanks for the nudge!

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Next question - how do I enable ‘3 panel mode’?

Again, ignore me. Just click on an article. Duh.