Tiny Tiny Rss from Firefox goes to http://localhost

Problem Description
When accessing ttrss from web client (firefox) clicking on a feed’s link goes to http://localhost/tt-rss/backend.php rather than the rss’s feed url. Just hovering the mouse on the title and display article url (with left click) shows the correct url.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to FreedomBox
  2. Go to TTRSS application page.)
  3. Click on any title of an rss feed

Expected Results
Go to the correct url

Actual results

(a screenshot of the screen/webpage when the problem was shown)


  • FreedomBox version: 22.23.
  • Hardware: x86

On the TT-RSS app page in FreedomBox, what is the domain that is set to be use with TLS? This is what decides where the redirection is made. If you don’t see the domain you wish to see the drop down, configure a domain in ‘System → Configure’.

Thanks, although there where two identical entries, choosing the other solved my problem.
Screenshot from 2022-11-14 11-41-24