Timeline for Syncthing app update?

-plugged into router: yes
-purchased: Oct 2019
-version: 19.18

Hello, when will syncthing app be updated? On the FreedomBox I see v1.0.0-ds1 and the current version of Syncthing is 1.3.

I’m seeing some noise in the freedombox log (discussed at https://forum.syncthing.net/t/unknown-address-scheme-quic/13594) that the latest version of syncthing will resolve.

Not a blocker for me and syncthing us working great on my freedombox. Just interested in the update timeline.

Thank you.

You can find the currently available Syncthing versions for various Debian releases here:

Your FreedomBox Pioneer edition runs Debian 10 stable by default. The stable release gets updates less frequently as compared to the testing and unstable releases. There are currently no backports for the syncthing package, so it will only be updated for the next stable release.

Note that the syncthing package maintainer is looking for help: