...The Solar Storms advises

Hello everyone,
I just arrived in this community.
I have been looking for different motivations than what you have here, but they are compatible with my ideas and I hope it can be useful to you for the propagation of FreedomBox.

I think you are taking it wrong, because people are not really interested in privacy. Otherwise, companies such as facebook, apple, google, twitter would not exist …

So I think it may be useful for you to change focus slightly taking advantage of the covid19 experience.

Scientists have given us years in advance of a possible pandemic … and it has certainly reached us.

But, another warning that we have been given many times is the “solar storm”
We are going to plant a scenario where the storm has not been devastating, but enough to destroy mobile networks, TV, and everything that has an antenna.

Something like this would take us years to repair it, because it would have to change all the gprs/3G/4G/5G, TV repeaters, Satellites, decoders, Television, antennas … And this is not something that the world industry can fix it in a few months .

So we are going to ipotize a scenario where, NASA has warned us 12 hours in advance, we have been able to stop the power plants, we have put the mobile phones and laptops safe and the storm has passed without major damage than those mentioned above.

The Internet is going to work very badly, governments around the world are going to use the little bandwidth available (Fiber and ADSL) for the needs of the police, army, health, and civil protection.
So we suddenly went from 600Mbs to 1Mbs.

We have been far-sighted and in a metal cabinet we have put some raspberrypi4, with FreedonBox and other services and various data on some 1TB mechanical hard drives. We also have several AP routers already configured, laptops, phones, tablets … ethernet cable, rj45, and all the necessary tools to a sysop.
Some apps for android and lineageOS images for the main mobile models.
a mini youtube with previously downloaded tutorials, a copy of wikipedia, etc …

With this we can give connectivity to the neighbors to coordinate aid and work to keep the community standing.

Using the little bandwidth we can synchronize the various digital islands, in a similar way to how it was done with email in the first years of existence (read the history of the internet to understand this)
In this way we will have an internet 2.0 set up by amateur citizens.
This is the modern version of amateur radio from many years ago that, when there was a natural calamity, became the only means of communication for rescuers, the army, hospitals, etc.

We can be the seeds for the new internet, much more decentralized and owned by citizens rather than a few big companies.

For this reason, I encourage you to change your approach slightly so as not to insist too much on privacy and instead use natural calamities as a vehicle for spreading your idea.

For my part, I will propagate this idea in Spanish-speaking groups


If, as often there really isn’t a contradiction, maybe only bill advice to cut one hand and chain the other,with a faux tale of opposites. Who can still go best hand in hand? Instead of reviving of for whom anti-trust looks like a storm?