The Radicale "onion" address

I hope this is straightforward…

Problem Description
I installed Radicale, and am reading the instructions for how to add the calendar to Thunderbird (instructions are for any calendar, I just happen to use Thunderbird).

Step 4 on the Radical manual says:

  1. Save the URL, e.g., https:// ONION-ADDRESS-FOR-YOUR-SERVER.onion/radicale/ USERNAME/ CALENDAR-CODE/. Items in italics need to be changed to match your settings.

Where do I get an onion address for my server?

Background: my ISP blocks access to my server from within the network by rejecting “hairpinning” (I think that’s what it’s called) - so I always connect to my server by way of a TOR browser. This step in Radicale seems to be saying I need a real Onion address for my server, to paste into Thunderbird’s calendar setup process.

I tried setting up the calendar in Thunderbird with just the normal “…” domain name, but it didn’t work (I assume because of the hairpinning limitation I mentioned above). I assume I need a TOR / Onion address to get thunderbird to go around the ISP limitation and connect to my Radicale calendar?

So … I looked into getting an onion address using shalot or something… ! complicated, I must say… :slight_smile:

Any other ideas? do I just need to install TOR from the apps section on my freedombox and that will do it for me?

Thanks everyone!

Actually you automatically get an onion address if you install Tor. I, however, wouldn’t complicate it that way. The easiest thing you can do on your computer is to edit the hosts file to automatically map your domain name to the local IP of your box. Example:

This will only work on your computer and on rooted android devices. But as I suggested in a previous post, you can buy a cheap tp-link router and use that to connect your clients to the network. It will manage the looping for all devices.

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that did it! thank you, once again. :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t bind on the freedombox be used for that?

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Actually yes, that’s a lot better. Thanks!