The Freedombox is an integral part of my life

In eager anticipation of the big update, I would like to report here again how I use my Freedombox and how much I enjoy experimenting and learning with the different programs and services.

To synchronize the photos from my phone and to distribute important data to several computers, I use Syncthing. Especially practical is a synchronized folder on my work computer through which I always have access to current CAD drawings from home.

I write a Blog like a diary about our 7 dogs for our family and friends. This blog is only accessible to Freedombox users thanks to Sunil Mohan Adapa. This saves me the extensive administrative work on a public Blog in accordance with European rules.

With Radicale, I have a calendar on each of my computers and mobile phones and have always synchronized all contacts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Ubuntu Touch yet.

To access my home machine on the go, I use OpenVPN. With TOR services I can handle Geo Blocking on the net and watch broadcasts from my home country. I run a Minetest server to play Minetest with my grandchildren. I also had Matrix Synapse in operation but had some problems and am now waiting for the announced new VOIP options.

In total I have 3 Freedomboxes in use, a Pioneer Edition, a Raspi 3b and a Raspi 4b with 8 GB. On two runs Stable and on one testing. I am very excited about innovations in the future and would like to take this opportunity to thank the developers for their great work!

Sometimes I do not dare to report smaller problems in the forum because I have the feeling that my questions are too stupid. There should perhaps be a forum with several levels but the effort would certainly be too big.

If now Zoph and maybe soon Nextcloud are added I’m very happy. Otherwise, for me a video conferencing tool would be interesting that does not consume too many resources.

All in all: I love my Freedombox!


Thanks for sharing, it is similar to my usage.
One question about the 3 boxes you use. Are all accessible from the outside?
I would like to set up a second device for usage by our small association. It should have a different domain name but would have the same IP address externally. I doubt this can be realized. Do you have a similar use case and if so, how did you succeed.

No, sorry. Only the Pioneer FB is full accessible from the outside. The Raspberry Pi 4 i accessible as a Minetest-Game-Server and the other one i use for Searx and intern Services.

Support forum is good for that. Ask a few, answer a few. It’s even okay to post a wrong answer - we get it worked out eventually.